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Bored, so a little baking to keep me occupied!

Well I’m into Day 2 of my week off and already boredom has set in.  I’ve done the shopping, some cleaning and even baked.

Yesterday I made some lush Turkish Delight cakes, which I’ve already told you about. Never tried them before but I must say the end result turned out OK…no complaints from all those that tried them!

Today I decided after much deliberation and my youngest banging on about making something that she likes that Oreo would be a good decision.

Pretty much followed the same recipe as for the Turkish delight just substituted the TD for Oreo biscuits.  I popped a large one in the bottom of the cases and then plopped the mixture on top.  Must say I’m very pleased with the result.  With the butter cream I mixed in some crushed Oreo biscuits.  However I obviously hadn’t crushed them to enough of a pulp as the first one I started to pipe, a nice little chunk of Oreo got stuck in my nozzle.  No probs, bigger nozzle, new piping bag and back to the job in hand.  They don’t look too grand, a little dull but they’ve had the seal of approval off Steph; thoroughly enjoyed!


I like Oreo biscuits but I always think of them going with a nice glass of cold milk to dunk them in.  Mmm reminds me of when I was young...a glass of milk and a pack of chocolate digestives...delish!!

Told the hubby my plans and let’s say he wasn’t amused at the thought of Oreo cupcakes so I baked him up a little batch of Lemon and Poppyseeds.  Fingers crossed he likes the taste of them.



Seems that the house is a little overloaded with cakes so I popped a box down to Richards work earlier; let’s say I was greeted with open hands and the box was opened as soon as I put it on the table.imageIve got a busy day tomorrow and it doesn’t include baking cakes.  My mums got a hospital appointment at the eye clinic, so I’ll be out nice and early and no time to think about being bored!


Baking on my day (week) off!

Seems like the only time I manage to get on my site is when I get some time off; that doesn’t seem to say a lot about my life.  Anyway I have a whole week off.  Several plans already for the week of which rest and relaxation are factoring low down on my scale.

Saying that, this morning I did have a lay in, well sat nosing through FB and Twitter in bed anyway.  I’ve gone shopping and treated myself to some extra disposable icing bags, came home and did my favourite (NOT) cleaning and then the best bit, baked some cakes.

I’m trying to experiment more with my icing techniques.  Thank goodness for all those talented people out there that upload to You Tube – where would we (I) be without it!

My little concoction for today are….


Turkish Delight Cupcakes

I put some chopped up Frys Turkish delight in the batter and a little rose water in the buttercream.

I seem to have mastered my swirl but the three little cakes in the middle I’ve done with a petal tip.  I’ll be honset I didn’t find it easy and each one took a lot longer than a classic swirl.  I won’t give up however, I will master the technique.

Havnt tried the cakes yet but the buttercream is divine..nothing like licking the bowl when you’ve finished.

Hope you like my little concoctions, and hope my family enjoy munching them.

When will I rock again!!

Lately I feel like I’ve lost my Va Va Voom.  I look somedays into the mirror and wonder who’s staring back at me.  I know as we age we look older but I sometimes wish that the person staring back at me was not looking as old as I think she looks.  Does this make sense? To me, I sometimes wonder if it does.  When I’m groomed and ready to exit the house I look presentable enough but I do wish it was a little less of the bags under the eyes, the droopy boobs and the achy bones, which ‘yes your right’, can’t be seen!!

I'm not asking for miracles and I don't want to turn the clock back....I just want a little of the old me to reappear!!

I’m going through the stage of trying to (no) growing my hair.  I’ve gone from rocking my peroxide one inch super dupa pixie cut to aiming for that sleek chin length Bob.  I’m down to ear level and very proud I must say of my perseverance even if my poor hairdresser feels neglected due to my once in three weekly visits now down to one in the last two months.  I’ve chopped the frindge a few weeks ago to a little shorter than normal one but already it’s edging it’s way back towards my brows.  The next dilemma I’m facing is do I leave it longer or do I mutilatenit once more with my scissors in the bathroom mirror.

Is this the reason my Va Va Voom has gone!!!

I’m also facing the root regrowth problem.  I’m knowledgeable that the more bleach I stick on the more breakage occurs but at the moment I have my dark roots, my ginger roots (because last time I didn’t leave it on long enough) and my sooper dooper light ends.  I have contemplated a drastic colour change but if I hate it then I have the even drastica (is that even a word??) problem of trying to get my blonde tresses back.  I remember this from back last year, it was hard work and took me a good couple of weeks until the end result was to my liking!

I know how hard it is some days to ensure I look perfect (well perfect to me anyway) and I sometimes feel like I’d give anything to just have that get up and go face and hair.  Instead my daily routine starts with waking, showering, blow drying, hair spraying and then hitting the makeup bag.  I sometimes think being a man would be so much easier….get up and go…women certainly weren’t made with this in mind!!

Anyway on a lighter note I have a day off today so I’m not in such a hurry to preen myself by a certain time.  Instead I have plans to strip my gel manicure from my nails to reapply and then maybe after breakfast I’ll start to make myself into the brazen beauty that I think I am or I would like to be!! 😝

Husbands dilemma!

I’m home and sitting comfortably only to listen to my husband read aloud the reason why he feels his motorbike isn’t charging (battery’s dead).

The beast is powerless!!!

‘Beast’ I hasten to add is his MV Augusta

Apparently he needs to disconnect the recharge fuse to recharge the battery.  Sounds a little complex to me.  I mean why is the fuse called a recharge fuse if it doesn’t recharge the battery!!!

This happened before on his Suzuki…the alarm kept draining the battery…new battery and still as dead as a dodo when not used for a few weeks.

Serious recharge problems in this garage of ours

Never quite understand how men’s toys can be so expensive where as my hobby, be it all Crochet and Cupcakes is minimal cost.

Think I may be doing something wrong somewhere!

BTW that’s his bike in the pic but thought I’d sneak a cheeky one with me in it 😆

Today I realised I can achieve…

I’m curious as to how many bloggers out there actually manage to blog daily

  • Is there a secret to it that I just haven’t found

  • Is there a life after work that I just can’t see

I’ve said it before and YES I hear you I’m not very good at practicing what I preach or even staying on track.

I started my blog to talk about what goes on in my life, my interesting bits and my not so interesting boring bits but so far I hardly manage to stay on track monthly let alone daily or weekly.

Perhaps I’m thinking BIG is the way it should be.  Why big, why not small!

Today I woke early and popped some thoughts down and shared them, not many lines but it felt good, I felt spurred on to fulfil my day and accomplish those thoughts.  I did it, well nearly all of it anyway.

I’ve achieved something today and tomorrow, fingers crossed I’ll achieve again.

Unfortunately now it’s bed time and my eyes are struggling to stay alert.

Goodnight my fellow bloggers, sweet dreams until tomorrow comes and we start again or maybe YOU in my case!💤


Cake Day!

I did as I said I would today but I didn’t quite manage the hoovering.
I never understand how food shopping can be so long and drawn out.  I gave online shopping a go once but I think it took me longer to search the items than it would if I’d walked the store so hence I’ve never done it again.
Anyway I made my little cakes; two varieties
Red Velvet (mine look more brown than red) and some Walnut and Coffee Cupcakes.


I do enjoy baking especially cupcakes.   Maybe because they look so cute when they are finished.  Plus they are more or less bite size.
I made classic buttercream for my Walnut and Coffee cakes or maybe I should say Coffee Buttercream with walnut sprinkles.
For my Red Velvet I popped on some Cream Cheese frosting with little red stars on top.
Mmm cream cheese…delishious!
Well here’s my finished cakes.  I never eat them but I’m always told they’re lush 😊



  • How do you all do it?
  • How do you find the time?
  • How do you manage to blog consistently?
  • How do you not lapse?
  • How do you keep in touch with such busy lives?

My five HOWS for the day.



It’s been a while but here I am wide awake at that unforeseen hour of the morning…too early to get up and yet too awake to sleep!

I’m planning my day because YES I have a big fat day off!!!

It’s shopping first thing followed by a little run around with the Hoover and duster and then I get to do my nearly first favourite pastime, Bake!

Today I will pop my oven to 170°C and whip up a luscious batch or two of cupcakes.  Who doesn’t love a cupcake…

not too big, just enough to feel satisfied

Unsure as to flavour yet but I know my son is yearning for Red Velvet and my friends have a craving for Coffee and Walnut.  Me I’m easy because I never eat them but I love making them.  Who knows I may even try and sneak a cheeky few pics on later of my finished product 😃

Happy Sunday peeps


Well I’m well and truly settled back to my daily life and as I often say there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Anyway here’s a few very belated pics from my holidays. We had an amazing time and already were planning our next break….just need to sort the dates.


Hope you enjoyed flicking through them 😃


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