Hi my name is Diane, a very defined Coffee and Cake addicted person.image


Where do you start when you want people to see the real you not the one that’s down on paper.

Me, as a person, loves life, even though I moan about getting older and my tummy being a little larger than I’d like.  I love anything crafty, but if I’m totally honest I’m not that good at sticking to anything to make it perfect…I give up sometimes before I’ve even managed to finish my next chosen project.

I have stashes of wool, which are starting to take over my cupboard under the stairs (I blame this on my mum, no place was sacred when it came to wool stashing) plus the garage is home to many of the crafting books I have purchased over the years, which are, may I add, covered with a beautiful quilted throw that I made many moons ago!

I’ve recently found a desire to make lots of little Amigurumi characters; my husband said if it makes me happy, just do it! So I am, sewing them up is a bugger though….I think my nails are too long!!!

But mostly I love to read, especially if it a good Thriller…a little blood always gets my heart racing!  I don’t just read thrillers of course, I read anything that’s recommended so if you feel like recommending just do it and I’ll give it a go!

My life is my Kindle or My Kindle is my life….which is it?

Let’s  get down to it….I’m married, three children, two dogs, one house, one car, one motorbike (I gave up on mine, it was hard work), one job, not enough hours in the day.  This is all ABOUT me..

Join me on my fun adventures in the house and out and about because I really do love life and Coffee!

PS…I’m a budding photographer wannabe, I even upgraded my camera from a pocket one to one that hangs around my neck 😃