I feel down quite a bit but I always try and put a brave face on it but somedays it just all feels too much.
Today is one of those day, didn’t sleep too well last night, woke with a headache and the total pits of it all its started to rain..feels like it can’t get any worst!
I had good plans for today:

  • have a lay in
  • do some cleaning
  • do some exercise
  • go for a walk
  • sit and drink tea whilst reading in the garden with the dogs next to me!

Well, let’s just say I’ve achieved two out of my five so far…maybe you could say I’ve achieved three as I did go back to bed.

Ive done the cleaning, total pits, three bathrooms, means three toilets..ooh my favourite!!  I’ve also done some exercise..GO ME!!

Now I could go for a walk but I have an aversion to the rain, we don’t get on, I don’t like getting wet, it likes to get me wet..not the best of friends.

Anyway, the plan now is if it doesn’t brighten read and drink tea on the sofa in the house whilst smelling my freshly cleaned bleach smelling bathrooms.

Oh the joys!

I do actually feel happier now I’ve got this off my chest 😘

p.s. The headache has gone due to me going back to bed and refusing to take my husband and daughter to work..he drives, he can use the car 👍