Sometimes I wonder if my brain ever functIons.  I have a list that I always use when coming away on holidays….it works, it never fails me.

The problem is shopping last minute, in a hurry, for the holiday essentials doesn’t work!

 for me anyway..

One of my little essentials is shampoo.  Now, I am a bit of a skinflint when it comes to shampoo and conditioner and I always look for a bargain.  I like it to be a well known name but I’m not overly bothered about colour, smell, or bottle size as long as it’s CHEAP!

So I buy a bargain bottle, pack it, arrive and…….

it’s conditioner

Talk about no common sense.

No probs I’ll get one out here.

Now, problem number 2

I love to read when I’m away, nothing in particular, anything that captures me and takes me through the sun drenched sun lounger days….

YES, you’ve guessed it, NO BOOKS.  I have a KIndle that goes everywhere with me but on this occasion I put it to charge the morning of coming away and DISASTER…it wouldn’t charge!!😢

NO reading material, no problem I’ll get something in the airport.

Nothing I fancy, no time to browse, oh my days..

Not a problem I’ll buy something out there!

  Now this resort has nothing here except for a few shops with unfortunately no English written books.  I feel in total despair.  I’m totally bored.  I’ve nothing to read, no crossword puzzle to do so my poor husband and daughter have to put up with me constantly babbling about nothing.

Now my final disaster is of all things, NO sunglasses.  How on earth could I have left my glasses in the car.  Total blonde moment.

Two out of the three I’ve rectified;

  1. bought shampoo,
  2. bought new sun glasses
  3. Reading material, Zilch!

I hope this will never happen again and I learn a lesson from this:

  • pack sooner
  • buy with more time
  • and make sure my Kindle is charging or else buy a book or three to pass my time!