It seems as late that the only time I seem to have to visit my site is when I’m either on a week off, holidays or going on a road trip.  Well once more I’m challenging my fears and sat on The Great Western train to take a jolly to Birmingham.

I’m off to the annual works meeting which in all fairness is located rather centrally for everyone to attend, however my descision as to whether to drive or take the train has had my mind boggling..

Do I drive, leave excruciatingly early, get there all flustered but take pleasure in knowing that I did it.  Traffic is not what bothers me, nor the getting up too early to put the slap on my chops.  It was more the thought of arriving sweaty, with a headache and my clothes looking like I’ve slept all night in them.  I did however have the choice of driving up the day/evening before but then I thought I’d still be the same, all sweaty and headachy but minus the crumpled clothes.

So, this was my drive and look like a crumpled mess or take the train and stress about changing and missing my connections!Now the train is airconditioned, no need to concentrate and I could even take a nap if I needed.  I couldn’t however go the morning of as there wasn’t an early enough train available.

Well, I opets as you may have guessed by my mowning on to take the day before train, arrive all fresh and blossoming with not a care in the world.


I felt so stressed out that I insisted on leaving to arrive at the station, which is only a 30 minute walk from my home, a good 40 minutes before the arrival time 3:01 (ps..I drove not walked)

How can something so silly cause me so much heartache…

Anyway, you may think, you silly cow, what you making all that fuss about.  Your on the train, you found a seat, you even managed to stow your case in the luggage compartment above your head (check me out) but my now new dilemma is I have to change trains, not once but twice…

oh my days!!!

what if I miss my stop, what if I can’t find the platform that I need to be on for the next instalment of my journey!!!

I can’t believe that something so trivial causes me so much of a headache.  At this moment we’re zooming towards Newport, just one more stop befor I exit to find the next leg of the journey.  By the time I get to the hotel it won’t be a coffee I need but a rather large glass of Red, and not even their finest I hasten to add.

Watch this space because tomorrow I have to do it all again…only in reverse!😂