A little silly I guess, but I’m contemplating buying a new stand mixer.  I have a Bosch at the moment and it serves me pretty well but I would like a larger bowl capacity.

Now, Kitchen Aid is my favourite, maybe because it looks so pucker and the wonderful colours that you can purchase in but the downside is it’s pretty expensive for someone that only bakes for pleasure.

I’ll tell you a funny story that happened to me years ago.  I used to make celebration cakes and wanted a Kitchen Aid so badly, but scouring the shops and Internet it was just so far out of my reach, cost wise.  Anyway I trolled through eBay and there it was, brand new, gleaming white, with all the attachments, just £100.

Oh my days, bid, bid, bid!!!

Yes, I won and only £120.  I was exstatic, I was jumping for joy, my grin was humungous, until I realised that the postage cost was £100.

No matter it was still coming in at around £50 cheaper than in the UK…

Have you guessed it was coming from the USA

Anyway it arrives, it’s beautiful, it looks ace on my worktop and it has an American Plug 😁No matter I can get an adaptor but oh no not any adaptor I have to get a flaming mini generator one that costs me £50.  Let’s say my little bit of luxury never had the same looks after that and about two years later I sold it when I moved house, at a loss I hasten to add!!

I really am blonde sometimes!

Back to the topic in hand, which do I go for, which is the best and which is the one that’s not going to cost me a mortgage to buy.

Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated my friends and PS I live in the UK so I don’t want no shipping costs 😝