Had a fab little jaunt yesterday afternoon.  As I’d previously mentioned my mum had an eye appointment in the hospital yesterday morning so it was an early start for us.  All well and good and another appointment booked for six weeks time.  Must say hospital coffee leaves a lot to be desired for, paper cup and it looked more on the watery side, but it wet the pallet and kept me going till lunch time.

My afternoon, however was a total surprise.  A lush little run (not on foot but in the car I hasten to add) down to PorthKerry Country Park in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Tea and a Toasted Teacake for me whilst the hubby had a Rasberry and White Chocolate muffin (gonna try this in the cupcake trials).

Can you see that little path in my pic??? Well we went for a stroll down there to the sea, not a big walk just maybe a quarter of a mile if that, it was a bit nippy but the sun was shining and thats all that mattered.  I wasn’t best dressed for a walk, my best Fly summer shoes adorning my feet but they’re comfy and sort of flat in a wedge like way! Anyway, at the bottom, just before the pebbles there were some steps going up, so yes you’ve guessed it up we went.  I thought my legs were going to drop off, talk about steep and going on forever!!! When at the top there was a lush dirt path and an amazing view; well worth the achy leg syndrome.


Now the funny bit starts, do we re-route and go back the way we came, keep going forward and end up…PASS, or go down through the trees…yup, you guessed it, the trees won.  It wasn’t so bad, slight gradient, side ways walking for me, but we made it without me once falling and ending on my butt!

Total result,  back to the safety of ground level

Cheesy selfie grins

Never fail…the day was still young and our legs hadn’t been stretched too much so off for another little run across Cardiff to Roath Park.  Another chance for a cuppa, good strong and black this time, Coffee just as we like it!

Took a pic of the lighthouse there, so pretty!


Awesome afternoon! I sometimes forget how much I love walking and the outdoors…all that fresh air sent me to bed for an early night and I slept like a baby 😃

By the way my pics were via my phone because in true form I’d forgot my camera….

Note to self.....
take camera when going out and not in work!!!