I don’t know if having a week off is working well for me. I’ve baked everyday so far, except yesterday because I was out, and not that I’m complaining but it’s like a little cake bakery here, there’s been cakes around all week.
Today I made another batch of Oreo Cupcakes and I also made some Coconut Cupcakes. OMG they are Devine. I don’t normally eat them, I get everyone else to taste them for me but these looked so moist I couldn’t resist. Normally I would just use desiccated coconut but this time I put coconut milk in as well. Usually I would use full fat milk if my mixture looks a little thick but I thought I’d give this a go and yup it’s ok.


I put it in the buttercream as well but I don’t think you can taste it; maybe I could have put more in but then I guess it would have made my buttercream too runny.
I did something else a little different I covered the cake in buttercream first, scraping the excess off with a knife. I then did a little swirl and sprinkled some desiccated coconut on the top.

These Cupcakes are off over my Mum and Dad in Laws. Hope Len enjoys them as he specifically asked for Coconut cakes this time!