Well I’m into Day 2 of my week off and already boredom has set in.  I’ve done the shopping, some cleaning and even baked.

Yesterday I made some lush Turkish Delight cakes, which I’ve already told you about. Never tried them before but I must say the end result turned out OK…no complaints from all those that tried them!

Today I decided after much deliberation and my youngest banging on about making something that she likes that Oreo would be a good decision.

Pretty much followed the same recipe as for the Turkish delight just substituted the TD for Oreo biscuits.  I popped a large one in the bottom of the cases and then plopped the mixture on top.  Must say I’m very pleased with the result.  With the butter cream I mixed in some crushed Oreo biscuits.  However I obviously hadn’t crushed them to enough of a pulp as the first one I started to pipe, a nice little chunk of Oreo got stuck in my nozzle.  No probs, bigger nozzle, new piping bag and back to the job in hand.  They don’t look too grand, a little dull but they’ve had the seal of approval off Steph; thoroughly enjoyed!


I like Oreo biscuits but I always think of them going with a nice glass of cold milk to dunk them in.  Mmm reminds me of when I was young...a glass of milk and a pack of chocolate digestives...delish!!

Told the hubby my plans and let’s say he wasn’t amused at the thought of Oreo cupcakes so I baked him up a little batch of Lemon and Poppyseeds.  Fingers crossed he likes the taste of them.



Seems that the house is a little overloaded with cakes so I popped a box down to Richards work earlier; let’s say I was greeted with open hands and the box was opened as soon as I put it on the table.imageIve got a busy day tomorrow and it doesn’t include baking cakes.  My mums got a hospital appointment at the eye clinic, so I’ll be out nice and early and no time to think about being bored!