Seems like the only time I manage to get on my site is when I get some time off; that doesn’t seem to say a lot about my life.  Anyway I have a whole week off.  Several plans already for the week of which rest and relaxation are factoring low down on my scale.

Saying that, this morning I did have a lay in, well sat nosing through FB and Twitter in bed anyway.  I’ve gone shopping and treated myself to some extra disposable icing bags, came home and did my favourite (NOT) cleaning and then the best bit, baked some cakes.

I’m trying to experiment more with my icing techniques.  Thank goodness for all those talented people out there that upload to You Tube – where would we (I) be without it!

My little concoction for today are….


Turkish Delight Cupcakes

I put some chopped up Frys Turkish delight in the batter and a little rose water in the buttercream.

I seem to have mastered my swirl but the three little cakes in the middle I’ve done with a petal tip.  I’ll be honset I didn’t find it easy and each one took a lot longer than a classic swirl.  I won’t give up however, I will master the technique.

Havnt tried the cakes yet but the buttercream is divine..nothing like licking the bowl when you’ve finished.

Hope you like my little concoctions, and hope my family enjoy munching them.