Lately I feel like I’ve lost my Va Va Voom.  I look somedays into the mirror and wonder who’s staring back at me.  I know as we age we look older but I sometimes wish that the person staring back at me was not looking as old as I think she looks.  Does this make sense? To me, I sometimes wonder if it does.  When I’m groomed and ready to exit the house I look presentable enough but I do wish it was a little less of the bags under the eyes, the droopy boobs and the achy bones, which ‘yes your right’, can’t be seen!!

I'm not asking for miracles and I don't want to turn the clock back....I just want a little of the old me to reappear!!

I’m going through the stage of trying to (no) growing my hair.  I’ve gone from rocking my peroxide one inch super dupa pixie cut to aiming for that sleek chin length Bob.  I’m down to ear level and very proud I must say of my perseverance even if my poor hairdresser feels neglected due to my once in three weekly visits now down to one in the last two months.  I’ve chopped the frindge a few weeks ago to a little shorter than normal one but already it’s edging it’s way back towards my brows.  The next dilemma I’m facing is do I leave it longer or do I mutilatenit once more with my scissors in the bathroom mirror.

Is this the reason my Va Va Voom has gone!!!

I’m also facing the root regrowth problem.  I’m knowledgeable that the more bleach I stick on the more breakage occurs but at the moment I have my dark roots, my ginger roots (because last time I didn’t leave it on long enough) and my sooper dooper light ends.  I have contemplated a drastic colour change but if I hate it then I have the even drastica (is that even a word??) problem of trying to get my blonde tresses back.  I remember this from back last year, it was hard work and took me a good couple of weeks until the end result was to my liking!

I know how hard it is some days to ensure I look perfect (well perfect to me anyway) and I sometimes feel like I’d give anything to just have that get up and go face and hair.  Instead my daily routine starts with waking, showering, blow drying, hair spraying and then hitting the makeup bag.  I sometimes think being a man would be so much easier….get up and go…women certainly weren’t made with this in mind!!

Anyway on a lighter note I have a day off today so I’m not in such a hurry to preen myself by a certain time.  Instead I have plans to strip my gel manicure from my nails to reapply and then maybe after breakfast I’ll start to make myself into the brazen beauty that I think I am or I would like to be!! 😝