I’m home and sitting comfortably only to listen to my husband read aloud the reason why he feels his motorbike isn’t charging (battery’s dead).

The beast is powerless!!!

‘Beast’ I hasten to add is his MV Augusta

Apparently he needs to disconnect the recharge fuse to recharge the battery.  Sounds a little complex to me.  I mean why is the fuse called a recharge fuse if it doesn’t recharge the battery!!!

This happened before on his Suzuki…the alarm kept draining the battery…new battery and still as dead as a dodo when not used for a few weeks.

Serious recharge problems in this garage of ours

Never quite understand how men’s toys can be so expensive where as my hobby, be it all Crochet and Cupcakes is minimal cost.

Think I may be doing something wrong somewhere!

BTW that’s his bike in the pic but thought I’d sneak a cheeky one with me in it 😆