I’m curious as to how many bloggers out there actually manage to blog daily

  • Is there a secret to it that I just haven’t found

  • Is there a life after work that I just can’t see

I’ve said it before and YES I hear you I’m not very good at practicing what I preach or even staying on track.

I started my blog to talk about what goes on in my life, my interesting bits and my not so interesting boring bits but so far I hardly manage to stay on track monthly let alone daily or weekly.

Perhaps I’m thinking BIG is the way it should be.  Why big, why not small!

Today I woke early and popped some thoughts down and shared them, not many lines but it felt good, I felt spurred on to fulfil my day and accomplish those thoughts.  I did it, well nearly all of it anyway.

I’ve achieved something today and tomorrow, fingers crossed I’ll achieve again.

Unfortunately now it’s bed time and my eyes are struggling to stay alert.

Goodnight my fellow bloggers, sweet dreams until tomorrow comes and we start again or maybe YOU in my case!💤