It’s been a while but here I am wide awake at that unforeseen hour of the morning…too early to get up and yet too awake to sleep!

I’m planning my day because YES I have a big fat day off!!!

It’s shopping first thing followed by a little run around with the Hoover and duster and then I get to do my nearly first favourite pastime, Bake!

Today I will pop my oven to 170°C and whip up a luscious batch or two of cupcakes.  Who doesn’t love a cupcake…

not too big, just enough to feel satisfied

Unsure as to flavour yet but I know my son is yearning for Red Velvet and my friends have a craving for Coffee and Walnut.  Me I’m easy because I never eat them but I love making them.  Who knows I may even try and sneak a cheeky few pics on later of my finished product 😃

Happy Sunday peeps