Blimey, already were into the third day stay here at Lanzarote and I will admit I’m feeling totally chilled and relaxed. The weather has been superb, a total opposite to what we’ve been experiencing back in Wales…and very much needed!
So far we’ve done very little:
Got up
Had breakfast
Layed in the sun
Fell asleep
Had dinner
Gone for a walk
Gone to bed

We booked a trip this morning, Lanzarote Uncovered; a trip that takes you around the island in a day. I’ll be honest I’m not looking forward to a day on and off a bus but I am excited about seeing the volcanos…more on that later, I hope!
I had hoped to post a few pics but the wifi here is not that brill (so much for modern technology).  Guess you’ll have to wait until I get home for these little delights.

Adios for now 😃 (Check out my Spanish!!!)