My evening was awesome from start to finish.  I did start the day with trepidation but once I was in the hotel I felt more in my comfort zone.  I survived the train journey and even cheerily got on the one I’m aboard now to travel home.  Bit pants mind, I was booked as a Super Saver or something like that and my ticket wasn’t valid until after 10am.  Dilemma or what!  Decision was to pay the extra £13 and get on the train that was on the platform waiting to depart.  So here I am nearly 24 hours later just travelling in the opposite direction back to what I know, where everyone speaks the same language with not an accent in sight!!!

My clothes were just right and the hotel was fab except I may add for the subdued lighting in the rooms…not good when your eyesight isn’t A1 anymore.  False eyelashes call for a nice huge magnifying mirror of which I did not have!!!

Anyway, apart from that what was there to complain about; nothing!!

Check out this Welsh chick from the valleys walking through London on my own.  Whoever would have thought it possible.  Me?  Hell no, not in a month of Sunday’s.