It’s crazy to think that I never go anywhere on a train!  I do take the odd journey and the important word in this sentence is “ODD”, but other than that I go everywhere via my car.

So today I’m off to London, on my own, may I add, to the works Christmas Dinner.  It took me an age to decide what to wear…I asked the question,  I get told ‘Smart Casual’!  What in gods earth is smart casual.  Here in the valleys it’s a pair of jeans and a nice top with a pair of heels….London? Who knows!!!

I’ve opted for the safe option of Leather skinny leg trousers and a black sequinned front top.  I’ve got my faux fur jacket in my case and my killer heels plus my all essential valleys hoop Earings.

You can take the girl out of the valley but you can’t take the valley out of the girl!

As we speak I’ve just managed to slurp my coffee and tip a mouthful down my front…this is turning into a bad omen.

Anyway, I’ve achieved getting on the right train, hopefully I’m not sitting in 1st class and going to be asked to move.  I’ve popped my case in the luggage rack, maybe squeezed it in would be a better statement and I’m sat kind of relaxed checking out the rainy view.

So my list for do’s and don’ts:

I’m seeing people I’ve never met before.  Will they like me? Make sure they do 😆

I’ve made a promise to myself not to drink to much….ill get too loud!

And I’m going to give it my all not to talk too fast.

Wish me luck for my London adventure.  Let’s hope it’s an experience I won’t forget but not for the wrong reasons….