It’s hard to believe that’s it’s 3am  and once again I’m wide awake.  Admittedly it’s been a couple of weeks; guess I counted my chickens before they’re hatched, so to speak.

I haven’t been to well the last couple of days…started with a cough that could warrant 40 a day and it’s developed into a wonderful cold with full on runny nose syndrome!

My poor husband claims he’s sleeping through the barking and snivelling but I will be honest I do feel sorry for him; I know I wouldn’t be able to sleep if it was roles reversed.

I think the worst part of this time of the morning is knowing that come 6 o’clock I’ve got to wake whether I’m awake or not as work once more will beckon.

I think I’m going to need more of the under eye concealer come the morning than I’ve had to use of late and maybe even a couple of matchsticks might even be of help.

Hopefully this is just a little blip and I’ll get back on course to sleeping through.  God only knows I certainly need my beauty sleep!