Well I must say if definitely worked, this Vitamin C decolouring treatment!
Wasn’t really sure what to expect and looking at the mixture before I put it on gave me slight trepidation but I will say lighter I am.

For some unbeknown reason I no longer fancied being a blonde bombshell but more of a sultry goddess with dark tresses!

Well let me tell you, not everyone can take this drastic change and even though yes, it did look nice, I felt I’d aged by at least half my life.  Not a person that likes having my photo taken but after this eventful event I liked it even less!

So today, day off and a spare hour this morning I set about making up this concoction that would give me back a fairer head of hair.

Tools for the decolouration:

Vitamin C dissolvable tablets


Anti dandruff shampoo

imageAnd some cling film to wrap it all up!

MY mixture looks a little like something of a witches brew that fizzled and swelled in my little pot…..maybe a larger bowl would have been better!


Anyway all slapped on and wrapped up I set about having breakfast and a nice cup of tea; 40 minutes later and the shower it is.

I will say the results are not too bad.  It is lighter and even a colour that I quite like.

Think I I may even leave it a little while before I give it another go.












Check out Dyl doing a little photo bomb!!!