Well I’m nearly at the end of another day off and yes, it’s been a good one.    I ordered a fab new jacket on line the other day and hey presto it turned up this morning.  So out I go, new jacket, new lipstick and to make my day even better a new book was waiting for me on the book shelf.

My favourite author, I must declare


I believe I have every book of hers and mostly in hard back.  I’m usually a Kindle reader but on these occasions I splurge!

I don’t know what the plot is about, I really don’t care.  As far as I’m concerned it’s a number one reagardless.

Im counting down the time until I can go to bed to take my new little beauty with me.  A cup of tea now, a little TV and Alun Sugar in an hour and then I’m off up the wooden hill!

Fingers crossed I won’t forget I’ve got work in he morning and need to be up early!