I’ve been totally uninspired lately, I’ve felt I’ve had no time to do anything.  I often wonder if time is passing me by!

I wake, I work, I cook, I sit, I go to bed and then repeat

I know most people’s lives are like this.  I feel like a ticking bomb that is just waiting to explode.  How am I supposed to make time for myself.  I had an aim that by Christmas I would have posted my 100th blog..the way things are going I will be lucky to have posted my 100th by Christmas 2016.

Anyway rant, moan, grizzle over!!

I’ve been away from here for I think maybe two weeks and in that time I’ve managed to lose a whole 2LB. Not the end of the world and off slower hopefully harder to put back on.  I can’t say my meals are any healthier (I consider them to have always been heathy) but my snacking is definitely less or even non existent.  No more chocolate bars or biscuits (my downfall) now it’s carrot sticks, apples, apples and another Apple.  I even tried raw broccoli last week….is it me or is it meant to be that chewy???

I mean how hard can it be when you get to the coffee bar to just say…

Americano please, no milk, no cake, no Danish pastry!

don’t look,  don’t let the cakes see the sadness in my eyes because I can’t eat them 😢

Its torterous, that’s what it is.  I want to eat with my eyes

Anyway coffee/cake moan over.  I’ve a day off today and whilst most of it will be taken up with cleaning, food shopping and then cooking I am planning on trying to get out and do something…what, I don’t know, but fingers crossed I’ll make it somewhere other than routine.

Wish me luck that my day doesn’t turn into another robotic daily routin-ish sort of day!!!