OMG it’s 2:20 in the morning and guess who’s wide awake?

Yup, me!

I can’t believe that I can come to bed feeling so exausted, fall off to sleep pretty much straight away and then wake at some ungodly hour and can’t get back!

Tonight I came up at 9:30, thought I’d read for a bit but by the time I finished my nightly routine in the bathroom (a whole 10 minutes) I decided enough was enough and lights out it was.

Bang! 2am, I need a wee and I can’t get back.  I guess I need to try and persevere and stay down until later.  Maybe this will be my kick into sleeping right through until 6am.  Problem is I get restless, I get cramp in my legs, I’m bored of watching nothing interesting on TV!

I feel my life is a cycle that goes round and around.

How do I break this cycle?

Oh well, read it is…good job my book is interesting…or is this where I’m going wrong right now….boring book maybe I’ll fall asleep!  Interesting book, keeps me going!!!!

Answers on a postcard please…..I’m desperate to know what to do 😓