I’m working today out of store and in a concession that we have and I’m having a sneaky tea break but struggling not to cheat on my diet.  I brought food, which I’ve left in my car but felt sure that I could purchase an apple or banana from the Resteraunt to munch with my cup of tea.

Got that totally wrong!

Theres cakes, scones, biscuits, cooked food but nothing that resembles a nice piece of fruit to curb my cravings right now.  My stomach feels like it’s being cut in half!

Drink more water they say, your more than likely thirsty not hungry…

believe me, my stomach is hungry not dehydrated!!!!!

Anyway, I’m moaning but I’ve refrained and I’m sitting with my cup of tea and tapping out this little thought to keep me occupied.

Lesson to the wise….bring my own banana next time!