I’m nearly at the end of Day 2 of my diet and to say it’s been easy would be a lie!

I’ve been good, amazingly so if I’m honest, but my stomach has felt like it’s been starved of the most important things I love….COFFEE, TEA, BISCUITS.

Silly I know but the logical side of my brain tells me don’t drink the coffee or the tea and you won’t want a biscuit!   Well, daft I know but it works.  I have a cup of tea in bed on waking ( hubbys job in the morning) and a cup of tea late in the evening after my dinner.  During the day it’s water and fruit, green or any other tea bag that doesn’t go with a biscuit!

The other nightmare I have faced in work is the mint imperials on the counter for the customers.  Normally I reckon I eat about 12 of these as I pass them during the day.  They’re there staring at me, placed on the counter.  Every time I pass my hand reaches out and hovers but I don’t do it, I don’t put my hand in the bowl.  I tell myself, a moment of crunching is another bulge on the tyre around my middle.

Quorn Spag Bol for dinner last night (prepped and not a Dolmio pot in sight) and a good old traditional breakfast for dinner this evening; Quorn Bacon Rashers, a little strange – don’t think I’ll indulge again!

I’m a vegetarian in case your wondering, hence the Quorn!

My belly is full this evening, not a rumble around.  Fingers crossed I’ll make it to bed time without needing a snack.  Fruit in the night just doesn’t do it for me!!!!