Interesting post for anyone that gets leg cramps.

Thanks to Banded Carolina Girl for the read..

Banded Carolina Girl

i have been having cramps in my right calf for as long as i can remember…the last couple weeks, it seems to be happening more…and last night it happened as i was about to get on hub’s bike to ride home and it brought me to my knees…i cried as it hurt so bad and also due to embarrassment..was my hub embarrassed of his fat ass wife? was his friends laughing at me?? were they laughing at my hub because he was married to my fat ass???

PS last year, i had MRI’s on my lower legs to rule out blood clots as this has been an ongoing issue…and i had none….thank heavens..

anyhow, here is some info on what i found out..

Most muscle cramps develop in the leg muscles, particularly the muscles in the calf. In addition to the sudden, sharp pain, you may also be able to…

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