It’s hard to believe but it’s been just over two weeks since we’ve got back from holidays and even though I guess I was kidding myself about not having put any weight on, I now know I was totally wrong.

My work clothes have felt a little tighter but I kind of ignored it, until last night!

Yes, that’s right, it was the night out, planned for weeks, my friends 40th birthday party.

 Into my wardrobe I delved for my gorgeous giraffe print top and black skinny jeans.  Layed  them out on the bed, completed my hair and makeup, filled my bag with necessary rubbish and dressed, or tried to!!

Maybe this is where your guessing somethings gone wrong??? Yup, that’s right you’ve got it, my clothes were too tight!!!!

I mean OMG. I was spilling out over my jeans and I’d gained a large bulge under my bra strap….thank goodness for emergency clothing.

Today, I dressed in my comfy, stretchy dress and went to Cardiff with the hubby.  Took a pic of the ball in the wall whilst we were there.  Just down the road and only now I’m getting to see it.

Celebrating Rugby World Cup 2015
Celebrating Rugby World Cup 2015
My hubby Richard in front of Cardiff Castle and the ball in the wall!
My hubby Richard in front of Cardiff Castle and the ball in the wall!

So, home this evening, I donned my gym attire and stepped onto the treadmill..20 minutes later and to say I’m exhausted is an understatement.

Tonight I’m having my final glass of wine for a good few weeks as I endeavour to regain my smaller self (6 LBS) before I go off to find my Christmas outfit.  Wish me luck because my staying power and will power to stay away from the biscuit tin is never very good!!!