It’s hard to believe but it’s been nearly a week since we’ve got home.  I think I need another break to get over the break and my week back in work.  I had a fantastic time but it feels like forever away already.

It’s strange how easy we fit back into our normal lives, like as if nothing has changed!  I suppose it just goes to show how content I must be with what I do.  I feel sometimes like a Stepford Wife….only difference is I go out to work as apposed to stay home and tend house.  So yes, my days are pretty much the same thing, day in, day out!

The hubby is already looking for our next little break, around February time.  I dream already of waking up to sun, instead of the grey skies that are greeting me every morning I draw my blinds!   Living in Britain has lots of plus sides but right now all I can think of is the rain, cloud and grey day’s.

Hope wherever you may be your weather is less bleak than ours right now and who knows maybe this year we’ll see a good fall of snow.  That will certainly put a big smile on my face and give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!!

By the way, I’m off today, so I’m off for a coffee and to look for some Morrocan Mint Tea in the supermarket 😃