So it’s finally arrived, the last evening of our holidays. Ten whole luxurious days of peace and quiet; no traffic, no worrying about time schedules, no perfect makeup and clothes!  Just ten whole days of waking when we want and doing nothing…total bliss.

Today I thought I’d share my cups of coffee I’ve had whilst here.

I love coffee, maybe a little too much. Years ago I did a detox and cut everything except grains. I couldn’t believe the headaches I experienced from the lack of caffeine. After that I was more careful about my intake and to substitute I started to drink more tea. I didn’t just go with traditional black tea I also incorporated fruit and green. I still drink lots of tea now, maybe more than I should but coffee will always be my love!

In Britain you can’t beat a good Espresso or Americano but here in Turkey the Turkish Coffee is to die for!
I’ve had a cup everyday and most evenings after my meal…helps to cleanse the palette I’ve been told…EXCELLENT!!!
To ensure I continue with the tradition I’ve started over here, I bought these little sachets; picked some up last year as well.

But this year, we were recommended to buy the little pot and the bag of coffee, which we did.

I’ve checked eBay and the coffee is available on there also. So no more bland, boring Kenco for me. I can now cleanse my palette every evening with a nice strong Turkish Coffee prepared in my own kitchen!