It’s our last couple of days and were not wanting to waste any of the time left so today we took a stroll to the local Mosque.


The minuretes are always visible and we thought it would be nice to see it up close…would have been even better if we could have gone in!
The temperatures these last couple of days have been overwhelming and from early in the morning.  We had hoped we would have been out early enough before the heat but unfortunately not!  I say unfortunately but I must admit I do love the heat –

a dream to live in a country that basques in sunshine all day long!!

You hear the Muezzin call to prayer through the loudspeakers mounted at the top of the minarets.  It’s quite mesmerising to listen to and I should imagine would be a sight to see!

There is a larger mosque that is a small journey away on the Dolmus.  I can’t see us visiting it this year but maybe if we’re back next year we will then!