Today is turning into one of those days where I feel exhausted from doing absolutely nothing!

I’m loving the holiday, the relaxation!  I’m actually beginning to feel human again and yet sunbathing seems to just take it out of you.  It’s hard work laying there, going in the pool to cool off and then lounging around again, reading, sleeping, drinking!

It’s funny how when you come away your in meltdown, the long hours at work, the weeks that run into one another, everyday life, stress and then the long journey until you arrive at your destination.  Your little but of tranquility for the next ten days!

We’re getting close to the end now, just three more days left.  There’s just one other couple left here as all others have departed this morning.  The staff are starting to pack away and the rooms are being prepped for the winter shutdown.  The beds are being made up and then covered in polythene sheets.  The eating area is down now to just one table and the soft chairs are also being stowed!

It’s unusually quiet, but nice at the same time.  No noise to listen to or cross conversations going on.  No splashing in the pool as there’s only five of us to occupy it!

I’m totally chilled from this break and ready to tackle the world again! Luckily though I have those few more days left to chill, relax, and dream of living in this climate.

My Coffee has just arrived, so I’ll bI’d you fair well for now whilst I enjoy!