This morning we took a little time out from sunbathing by the pool to spend some time visiting a local historic attraction,

The Temple of Apollo.

We’ve been to Altinkum a few times now and every year we say we’re going to go but never seem to make it..very poor excuses on our part when you consider it was no more than a 30 minute dolmuş ride away (DOL-moosh – a little taxi like minibus that serves the coastal area of Turkey with set fees; no haggling on these buses) and cost us no more than Six Turkish Lira (one way) for the journey; Two Turkish Lira each per journey!

We had a fab time and felt in awe at the sights.  It’s amazing to think how years ago with no machinery they managed to move the rocks/boulders.  To lift and arrange and certainly to take them to great heights.  How they carved such intiriquite work into the sides!  I remember, about 25 years ago going to Egypt and seeing wooden scaffolding.  I was amazed then by the skill to erect and stabilise so it could hold people…today took my amazement to the next level.

Here’s just a few pics from our time there.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!