I don’t know if I’m mad or slightly nuts, but the all but better side of me decided I wanted to make my blogs better; to commit to more!  So yes I enrolled in Blogging 201!

So day ones-task is to set Three Goals.

Already I’m stumbling as I knew I wanted to be able to commit to blog more, twice weekly…so saying this I guess there you have my 1st commitment

I commit to blog twice weekly (Wednesday & Sunday)

Now where do I go??

I try hard to catch up with My Reader but some days it feels impossible to set aside a small amount of time to do this.  Maybe I’m trying too hard and what I should be doing is once more setting down a designated time that I will focus on just visiting my fellow friends and also looking to catch up with new friends out there!

So on that note, number Two will be:

To set aside one evening, once a week to catch up with others in the blogging community

Wow, check me out…Two Down, One to go!

I never set out with anything in mind; I just wanted to chat about what I experience, good and bad.  I’m no author in the making, or budding journalist…I’m just little old me!  Just turned 50, Blonde, a little ditsy and not too bad a job to go to.

I think Goal Three will be to set up a Calender for my previous Two goals to set everything in motion for the next couple of months.

High Tech Gismos……..whoosh!!