HANDWRITTEN…I think it’s a dirty word!

How embarrassing to admit that handwriting is not something that I practice any more.  Admittedly I write daily but to actually put pen to paper to write something other than a note or a shopping list is basically a no no!

Is it today’s high tech society to blame or the individual who chooses to type rather than write?

I think the last time I actually wrote anything of substance was during my 30’s when I went back to studying.  Now to hold a pen for longer than 5 minutes gives me finger ache plus my nails are slightly too long to manipulate the contraption correctly.

I touch type but even that these days is something of awkwardness!  Mainly because my iPad is normally balanced on my lap whilst my legs are curled up under me….one finger typing is far more interesting unless like my friend your best friend is Siri!  Who needs to type when you can ask it everything and it gives you the answers.  Good job we can read!!!!