Who doesn’t love a day off….especially when it’s raining outside!

The way I look at it is if it’s raining and you can’t go out at least you can catch up on the things that need doing in the house….

I hear you say, what, ironing, cleaning, washing???

Nope, today I’ve had a day clearing out the old, old clothes, old shoes, old bags!

 Yes, I too get rid of bags and shoes, even though I end up scrutinising my decisions.  Today I’ve put a bag ready for the charity shop, four dresses and one top on eBay and I’m about to put a bag on the local buy and sell group!

More room in the wardrobe I hear you say.  Yes more room to buy more clothes, shoes and bags to replace the ones I’ve got board with!!!!

Oh and I’ve had a pre-holiday cup of coffee


Coffee always makes everything seem better, especially when it looks like Tar 😀

Turkish Coffee, black, strong and like gloop in the bottom of the cup….delicious

It made me feel better after my clear out 😉

and it made me feel better because it’s raining outside!

I’m about to hit the publish button as this song comes through the hi-fi..

Phil Collins, Another Day In Paradise  Total Bliss! Come share my day with me 😊