I thought I’d share with you my new little family that I’m starting to put together!

I think I’ve already said before that I love to crochet and have a new found interest in making little Amigurumi.

Unfortunately, which is nothing new for me, I’m not very good at finishing off.  I love the sourcing wool, the purchase, the start of the project, even the making and sewing but it’s the little intricate details that get me very time.


Here’s my little chicken, my bunny, a little pig and my pussy cat in her tutu!

Now here’s my extension of what’s not finished as yet…


It’s my little owl and I think another bunny: just need to decide on what ears to do.

I’ve also started a teddy but it’s still in crochet form, not sew together yet.

Along the way I’ve definitely picked up hints on what and what not to do.  My decreasing is becoming less visible (good, Yes) and I’ve realised its better to do the facial features with embroidery cotton not wool.

I’m aiming to fill a whole shelf, which is waiting in anticipation upstairs in the spare room.  Until then, I thought it nice if they stayed downstairs where they can be admired, by me if no one else 😜

I’ve sourced the patterns from magazines and the Internet.

Check them out, if like me you fancy giving them a go 😀

I’ve popped the link to the Small Cat but the others were from magazines.