So here’s the thing…I’m not really overweight!

age 50

10 stone 2

5 foot 6

but, my problem is, I have this belly that just won’t shift.  I will declare I’m lazy, I refuse to pay gym membership, as I have no spare time at best, so how do I shift it?  How do I get my body back?

Do I exercise at home?

Do I diet?

Do I do both?

I invested last week in a new second-hand treadmill.  It’s well placed in the back end of my living room ..all inviting and saying use me, I’ll work your booty for you!

I’m off on holibobs in 5 weeks!

Will my booty be ship shape and ready for my itsy bitsy bikini?

or will I need to take my all in one to cover as much of my offending bits as possible?

Watch this space as only time will tell…😝