I always remember my mum tucking me into bed and then sitting next to me.  It was time for a story!  She would open the book and start to read the magical stories that I loved…My favourite Bedtime Stories!  I think I knew every line from every book, she couldn’t skip a word: I would know.  These books, these magical fantasies that gripped me from a young age, were Enid Blytons, Far Away Tree, Series.

I had them all, my name written inside each and every one.  I do think they influenced me to become a daydreamer on times and also became the start of my obsession with becoming engrossed in a story, so much so that I dream of being the heroine or even hero in a woman’s form.

I passed these books to my oldest daughter who too became engrossed.  She also indulges in her books, becomes a part of them, Fantasy her favourite read.

I wouldn’t change the person I have become.  Did the books influence me?  Maybe, maybe not…

I love to read and I think every child should have a mother who shares her fondest memories from childhood.

Memories of  childhood, books and daydreams that they hold!