Why are books so compulsory?

Its hard when you find a book you want to read but your already reading another…I mean do you hurry and finish the one your reading, start the next one just to a grab a snippet of what its about or even, god forbid, carry on with the two books and hope you don’t get confused!!

In my case its normally ‘God Forbid’!

I, you see, have a problem…I can’t just have one book on the go, I have to have several.  I find it quite infuriating when I catch sight of a book I’m yearning for and I’m in the middle of another, or even another 2, 3 or even 4!!!

This unfortunately is what happened to me this evening:

On arriving home from work and checking my e-mails whilst cooking tea, Lo and behold ‘Chris Carter’ has only gone and released his next book today (which I’d obviously forgot about) and some fool has gone and sent me a link to it on Amazon! (I think I’m the fool, did I go and put in in my Wish list?…….maybe….YES!!!)

I’m having palpitations, Guys!!

Anyway, I now have the problem of not only having three books already on the go but the dilemma of wanting to get this new one today but knowing I need to finish at least one of the other ones first!

does this happen to you as well?

My reading list at the moment consists of:
  1. Carole Matthews – The Cake Shop in the Garden (who doesn’t love a light hearted romance with a happy ending)

  2. Kyle Onstott – Mandingo  (Bought the wrong one first and read it and then discovered this was the first but the characters were too fresh in my mind)

  3. Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird (just because I hadn’t read it.  Bloody good book as well, if I may say so!)

oh and the one that every lady must have tried even though she doesn’t want to admit it… 4.  A Mills and Boon – Cant remember the title…. I was desperate in work as my stash was in the house!!!!

if my internet goes down at least my problem will be solved!

I know not what this evening will hold where Amazon and’ Chris Carter’ are concerned but I will let you into a little secret, a Psychopathic Murderer does it for me every time!