Delving in my photo box earlier I came across some memories of a holiday to Egypt, some 25 years ago. A hotel that sat beside the Nile, a short distance from the Pyramids of Giza.

Some fun times, meeting new friends, seeing the sights, but, also some sad times!  Seeing the people as they were, poverty stricken, living in cardboard boxes by the side of the road; Leprosy around you as you travelled out in the evening.

My little story also brings back memories of a camera we purchased to go…… all singing, all dancing, auto focus,

Ricoh Mirai

  The camera that wouldn’t focus on the desert, so no nice sandy photos for us, unless of course you could pin point something to focus on (pretty hard when there’s nothing but sand and sky to see).

I found these pics, are they faded or was it just the best of the cameras ability or even my ability as it may have been!




I’ve had many small cameras over the years but I’ve never had the luck to revisit the Sahara to see if my little cameras would do the job that the Ricoh did.

My current camera, a Nikon Coolpix P530, I do feel is far more advanced than my choice back then!image


Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to revisit Cairo and retake the same pics with whatever camera I may have in life at that current time!

Those pics may be old and slightly faded but they still carry memories that will stay with me forever 😊