Day Fifteen: Create a New Posting Feature

Well to be honest with you this is not something that I feel I am able to do, not because I don’t want to but because my life is hectic and sometimes it’s all I can do to drag myself out of bed, travel to work, travel home, cook food, take time out and go to bed……repeat, repeat, repeat!!!

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly!

I find it hard some days to find the time to have a little me time and to commit to a Posting Feature would be something I could never achieve.  My work commitments, different days off and weekend working make it hard to keep on track at the best of times.  My diary becomes my life to keep me on schedule with mine and my families day to day.

I feel positive in the knowledge I will post weekly and I most definitely will keep up with my Reader.  I have grown to love interacting with fellow bloggers.  I love to read, to look, to comment!  I have grown to love WP; something I once, not so long ago, feared.  I know I still have a lot to learn but from here it’s onwards and upwards 😀

I do plan to visit The Daily Post -Daily Prompt weekly to source inspiration if my mind is a blank (which is normally rare, too much info upstairs!)

 If I haven’t mentioned, I have a day off today.  It’s raining but I’m determined to go out and at least have a coffee. Happy Sunday friends.  Have a beautiful day wherever and whatever you may be doing 😘