So here’s the thing, I like to do lots of different crafts but as I’m sure I’ve said before I’m never very good at finishing anything, unless of course it’s small and doesn’t take a lot of time to complete.

Today I thought whilst participating in Blogging 101 Day Thirteen challenge with

Whats On The Needle Wednesday WOTNW

I would share with you my cardi, that I’m sure one day I will complete.


I started it, I’m embarrassed to say 3 years ago; I think it’s becoming one of the longest cardigans to create. It’s not a difficult stitch, in fact rather easy, Tuck Stitch!  I thought it would be nice to create something that I could wear, something that wasn’t mass produced, but something that I had painstakingly taken the time to do!!!!Bad move!  Back, two sides and half a sleeve later and I’m still going…everytime I pick it up I think of something else that needs finishing like a blanket, some socks, a book.
Looking at it now I don’t even think it would fit me, a size tad too small if I’m honest.
Maybe a future reminder for myself is to stick to slippers and socks….small, easy and quick to finish…good idea though to share WIP pics, who knows it may motivate me to complete some things.
P.s my feet don’t grow regardless of what I eat 😃