It’s totally amazing when someone special (my husband) suggests that we go and have a leisurely drive on what’s turned into a beautiful evening.

To say our weather the last few days has been undesirable is an understatement. In all fairness its been typical of what people would expect of Wales; rain, mist, rain and a little bit more rain on top.

My summer clothes hae been relegted to the back of the wardrobe, out of sight, out of mind.  Who needs sleeveless tops and summer shorts when you can wear a mackintosh and wellies all year round!

My body is deficient in Vitamin D

My skin is paler than pale

The urge to eat breakfast in the garden overwhelms me….

However, today I wake to see less rain and mist and a small patch of blue trying to peak through the greying sky.  Are we likely to see our summer return?

The answer is YES!!  today at least.

….and so to fast track our way throughout today to this evening when our little jaunt took us along a coastal path, where we stopped to look out at the Bristol Channel.

.imageMy baby and me 😘

It’s easy to forget what beauty lies on our door steps; to take things for granted.  This beautiful place is just 20 minutes drive from my home but the last time I was here was as a teenager.

What becomes sad, that in our busy day to day lives we forget to make time for ourselves. I will change this; I’m making this promise to myself 😊

Our evening ended in a country pub in a beautiful village where we sat in the bear garden drinking and chilling.  To satisfy my pangs I indulged in the most delightful of deserts, a Cholcolate Orange Cheesecake.

Tonight, I forgot about my waistband and lavished every mouthful of the creamy, fattening cake!!!😃  Everyone’s allowed a day off now and again!!!