Ah, today’s task – Day 6 – Make an Irresistable About Page

Well once more for me this is certainly pushing me, I shouldn’t complain through because that’s what I signed up for, to learn how to manoeuvre and create.

I’ve altered it hugely and I’m sure that throughout today I will alter, tweak, rearrange, add and most certainly delete it some more.

Im sitting at the moment at the kitchen table surrounded by paperwork, of which I have several small sheets with squiggles from ‘About Page 101’ and how to write the perfect ABOUT ME and not have a shopping list….I think that’s what I had!

This is taking over my life, I love it, I need more.  I will certainly be signing up to everything to bring out the creative me 😃

My next big thing is to get it to Widget form…..watch this space….