Life is all about making your own choices and hopefully choosing the right path!

I do feel that most days I struggle to feel that I’ve got it right.

You tell your children to work hard at school because they have to be there, they have to go from a young age to the age of 16 when they become ‘know it all’s’ and have their own opinions as to what they feel is right and wrong.  It’s not a choice they can opt out of, so we as parents advise them to make the most of it whilst they can.

If only they realised its actually the

‘best time of their lives’

They’re young and carefree with no worries about what’s evolving in the world outside of what they’re taught in school.

I wish I’d followed these choices and knuckled down more to do the right thing.  Listened to my mother and grandmother as they preached at me day in day out to revise, learn, listen. Instead I frittered my school days away dreaming of what ifs and listening to music whilst deciding my next outfit for another night out. Only too soon was I working, earning money and booking holidays. You may wonder what’s wrong with this but when you suddenly reach that time of life when you’ve grown up enough to realise that you attained nothing other than being a wonderful mother to your beautiful children!

I work a job that’s a good pay but I know I could have done so much better with my life, with my career had I picked a different path.

I’m not dissatisfied with the way it’s turned out but I often wonder “what if”.

What if I’d revised?

What if I’d gone to University?

What if I’d married younger?

Would my life have turned out differently?  I would have made a different circle of friends had I chosen one of the paths above.      I would possibly not be sitting here right now writing this.

I still daydream and wonder ‘what if’.  I still think about maybe one day I’ll have that big house and live in a country that wakes up to sun in the mornings.

I’m under no illusions that I will always work and my retirement will come at the latter time of life.  I hope that the one choice my body makes for me is to follow my parents to a ripe old age where I will spend time travelling and seeing the sights I have not already seen.

Whatever the rest of my life holds, I know the choices I chose have made me the person I am today!

My choices, I think I got them right!

Love and hugs from me to you xox