God, I hate driving most days!

It seems to me that most modern day cars have…..


…I mean why oh why would a company not fit an indicator leaver to the inside of their lovely brand spanking new car…

I leave the house daily and take the same route to work.  I could do it eyes closed I’m sure, I could put the car on auto pilot if I had it, but well a CAR is what I drive, not a PLANE!!!

Maybe I’m old school, having passed my test an eon ago!  I mean my car is fairly new, all the leavers are easily accessible and I know all my lights on the outside work and yet I find it abysmal to approach a roundabout or junction and WONDER where the car in front, or to the side of me, is going.

Let’s put this into context:

  • Start car and select 1st gear
  • Move off slowly after indicating and checking over shoulder
  • Work way through gears and drive at the regulated speed limit
  • When approaching a junction/roundabout, go down through the gears and indicate to make other drivers aware of your intentions
  • Manoeuvre into correct lane if way is clear whilst reducing speed
  • If able move into line of traffic without causing an obstruction

Now admittedly this was more or less how I was taught.

Today however it’s:

  • Start car and select 1st gear
  • Move off and don’t worry about anyone else on the road (they’ll stop for you)
  • Drive with undue care and make sure no signals are used
  • Cut as many cars up and look straight ahead to make sure no eye contact is used

Oh and last but not least….

Talk wherever possible on your mobile phone!!!!!

I know my bottom scenario is not for the majority more the minority but where oh where did they learn to drive???

Could it have been on the

  1. X-Box
  2. Play Station
  3. Or maybe even the Wii

I feel sorry for the motorist of today….they have a lot of challenges to face in their day to day life!

but PLEASE fellow drivers, spare a thought for those of us out there that cannot read minds, are not zoned into your thoughts and last but not least, love their little car and would like it to stay scratch and bump free until they choose to trade it in for a new one!

Love and hugs from me to you xox