SOMETIMES we forget what beautiful places we are blessed with that lay just on our doorstep.

I spent yesterday evening in the wonderful company of my husband at our local beach resort just 6 miles from our home.  We took the car with the intentions of a leisurely stroll upon the beach and maybe even a little jaunt along the rocks to look at the Rock pools.  I feel like a child with the thoughts of poking around in the pools to see if I can see a Crab or two and maybe even a Shrimp!

We arrived only to realise the tide was in so no rock climbing or shuffling in the sand for us.  Instead we walked slowly along the front.

The Lock gates were open so that too was impossible for us to cross.  Instead we stood and looked out across the Marina at the boats moored there.


It made me realise that we don’t always need to be

sitting sipping cocktails at a luxurious resort.


The sea front cafe became our destination where we sat outside whilst drinking tea and sharing a Danish Pastry whilst watching the world slowly drift by…

Tea for Two & a Danish to Share
Tea for two & a Danish to share!

We saw the donkeys as we returned to the car.  A wonderful tradition that has been part of seaside life from as long as I remember.  I loved the excitement when queuing and in later years my children’s joys and nagging to go on the Donkeys!


What better combinination when your young and carefree!

Upon our return journey home my husband decided to take the bike for a jolly, so kitted up, off we set around the Vale of Glamorgan.

It’s  my first time on this bike, his new pride and joy, just 3 weeks old.


Our journey took us down around Cardiff Airport where I dreamed of boarding a plane to a far off destination.

Alas, we worked our way back down towards Ogmore where we parked up to admire the views across the Bristol Channel to the North Devon coast.


    We build new memories every day, ones to cherish, to look back on as we grow old so we can reminisce over our life’s ups and downs.

LOVE and HUGS from me to you xox