Where do you start when you suddenly wake up and realise that yet another year is passing by and another birthday looming, that half a Century, that mid way mark, that time when you reflect on the last 50 years and realise that you’ve had more birthdays than your likely to have again!

Your daughter so impromptu tells you one day‘Christ Mam, your old aren’t you’!

Does this make you feel as suicidal as it made me?  I rush home to check the mirror to see if I’ve suddenly aged from the time I left the house earlier when I thought “not bad, mmm ok” to that comment that made me think I’d suddenly sprouted hairs on my chin!

Reality is my body has become this alien host that makes me look unrecognisable from the neck down.  Where did my waist go?  I’m sure it was there the other year!!!  Oh yes, that’s right, I did say the other year didn’t I. No matter there’s always another diet that I can try or kickstart the old one….


                                           …..note to self, no more sticky buns in work; get that zingy feeling from drinking more coffee!