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Sunday bloooos!!!

I feel down quite a bit but I always try and put a brave face on it but somedays it just all feels too much.
Today is one of those day, didn’t sleep too well last night, woke with a headache and the total pits of it all its started to rain..feels like it can’t get any worst!
I had good plans for today:

  • have a lay in
  • do some cleaning
  • do some exercise
  • go for a walk
  • sit and drink tea whilst reading in the garden with the dogs next to me!

Well, let’s just say I’ve achieved two out of my five so far…maybe you could say I’ve achieved three as I did go back to bed.

Ive done the cleaning, total pits, three bathrooms, means three toilets..ooh my favourite!!  I’ve also done some exercise..GO ME!!

Now I could go for a walk but I have an aversion to the rain, we don’t get on, I don’t like getting wet, it likes to get me wet..not the best of friends.

Anyway, the plan now is if it doesn’t brighten read and drink tea on the sofa in the house whilst smelling my freshly cleaned bleach smelling bathrooms.

Oh the joys!

I do actually feel happier now I’ve got this off my chest 😘

p.s. The headache has gone due to me going back to bed and refusing to take my husband and daughter to work..he drives, he can use the car 👍

Holiday disaster/disasters!!!

Sometimes I wonder if my brain ever functIons.  I have a list that I always use when coming away on holidays….it works, it never fails me.

The problem is shopping last minute, in a hurry, for the holiday essentials doesn’t work!

 for me anyway..

One of my little essentials is shampoo.  Now, I am a bit of a skinflint when it comes to shampoo and conditioner and I always look for a bargain.  I like it to be a well known name but I’m not overly bothered about colour, smell, or bottle size as long as it’s CHEAP!

So I buy a bargain bottle, pack it, arrive and…….

it’s conditioner

Talk about no common sense.

No probs I’ll get one out here.

Now, problem number 2

I love to read when I’m away, nothing in particular, anything that captures me and takes me through the sun drenched sun lounger days….

YES, you’ve guessed it, NO BOOKS.  I have a KIndle that goes everywhere with me but on this occasion I put it to charge the morning of coming away and DISASTER…it wouldn’t charge!!😢

NO reading material, no problem I’ll get something in the airport.

Nothing I fancy, no time to browse, oh my days..

Not a problem I’ll buy something out there!

  Now this resort has nothing here except for a few shops with unfortunately no English written books.  I feel in total despair.  I’m totally bored.  I’ve nothing to read, no crossword puzzle to do so my poor husband and daughter have to put up with me constantly babbling about nothing.

Now my final disaster is of all things, NO sunglasses.  How on earth could I have left my glasses in the car.  Total blonde moment.

Two out of the three I’ve rectified;

  1. bought shampoo,
  2. bought new sun glasses
  3. Reading material, Zilch!

I hope this will never happen again and I learn a lesson from this:

  • pack sooner
  • buy with more time
  • and make sure my Kindle is charging or else buy a book or three to pass my time!

Gran Canaria

You may have guessed but we are away again for a little break. I find these days the only way to relax and leave work behind is to leave the country…maybe I should emigrate and then I’d no longer need to work and stress. The site were at is gorgeous but there is very little here so my picture taking is not having much practice at the moment.


Were off to Mogan tomorrow to the local market.  It also has some beautiful scenery with canals and bridges; a little Venice.  My camera will be by my side, so who knows maybe I’ll get some descent pics!

Muffins…why so flat on top??

Here’s a question for all you beautiful cake cooks out there….why are my Muffin tops flat!

I do think they resemble a scone that’s been popped in a paper case!  Does anyone else have this problem?  I want mine to look like the ones you’d buy in your local coffee shop not something you’d find in the local bazar!

So the next question I have yet to understand is why some RECIPIES use oil, and some use yogurt; totally different consistencies!  Is it to do with the filling you pop inside?

My little scone looking muffins have lemon curd in them….so they’ve been mixed up with yogurt added to the wet ingredients.

They do taste good if that’s any consolation but I do want them to be super huge just like you buy in the ‘Coffee Shop’!

Is this too much to ask???



One Year with WordPress

Just found this little beauty on my Notifications page


A whole year has gone by since I thought ‘let’s see if I can blog about my life’!

Not as many posts as I’d like but I still managed it.

Happy Anniversay to me 👍😃

Another little Road Trip!

It seems as late that the only time I seem to have to visit my site is when I’m either on a week off, holidays or going on a road trip.  Well once more I’m challenging my fears and sat on The Great Western train to take a jolly to Birmingham.

I’m off to the annual works meeting which in all fairness is located rather centrally for everyone to attend, however my descision as to whether to drive or take the train has had my mind boggling..

Do I drive, leave excruciatingly early, get there all flustered but take pleasure in knowing that I did it.  Traffic is not what bothers me, nor the getting up too early to put the slap on my chops.  It was more the thought of arriving sweaty, with a headache and my clothes looking like I’ve slept all night in them.  I did however have the choice of driving up the day/evening before but then I thought I’d still be the same, all sweaty and headachy but minus the crumpled clothes.

So, this was my drive and look like a crumpled mess or take the train and stress about changing and missing my connections!Now the train is airconditioned, no need to concentrate and I could even take a nap if I needed.  I couldn’t however go the morning of as there wasn’t an early enough train available.

Well, I opets as you may have guessed by my mowning on to take the day before train, arrive all fresh and blossoming with not a care in the world.


I felt so stressed out that I insisted on leaving to arrive at the station, which is only a 30 minute walk from my home, a good 40 minutes before the arrival time 3:01 (ps..I drove not walked)

How can something so silly cause me so much heartache…

Anyway, you may think, you silly cow, what you making all that fuss about.  Your on the train, you found a seat, you even managed to stow your case in the luggage compartment above your head (check me out) but my now new dilemma is I have to change trains, not once but twice…

oh my days!!!

what if I miss my stop, what if I can’t find the platform that I need to be on for the next instalment of my journey!!!

I can’t believe that something so trivial causes me so much of a headache.  At this moment we’re zooming towards Newport, just one more stop befor I exit to find the next leg of the journey.  By the time I get to the hotel it won’t be a coffee I need but a rather large glass of Red, and not even their finest I hasten to add.

Watch this space because tomorrow I have to do it all again…only in reverse!😂

Mixer dilemma…which one to buy???

A little silly I guess, but I’m contemplating buying a new stand mixer.  I have a Bosch at the moment and it serves me pretty well but I would like a larger bowl capacity.

Now, Kitchen Aid is my favourite, maybe because it looks so pucker and the wonderful colours that you can purchase in but the downside is it’s pretty expensive for someone that only bakes for pleasure.

I’ll tell you a funny story that happened to me years ago.  I used to make celebration cakes and wanted a Kitchen Aid so badly, but scouring the shops and Internet it was just so far out of my reach, cost wise.  Anyway I trolled through eBay and there it was, brand new, gleaming white, with all the attachments, just £100.

Oh my days, bid, bid, bid!!!

Yes, I won and only £120.  I was exstatic, I was jumping for joy, my grin was humungous, until I realised that the postage cost was £100.

No matter it was still coming in at around £50 cheaper than in the UK…

Have you guessed it was coming from the USA

Anyway it arrives, it’s beautiful, it looks ace on my worktop and it has an American Plug 😁No matter I can get an adaptor but oh no not any adaptor I have to get a flaming mini generator one that costs me £50.  Let’s say my little bit of luxury never had the same looks after that and about two years later I sold it when I moved house, at a loss I hasten to add!!

I really am blonde sometimes!

Back to the topic in hand, which do I go for, which is the best and which is the one that’s not going to cost me a mortgage to buy.

Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated my friends and PS I live in the UK so I don’t want no shipping costs 😝

Thursday Baking

I don’t know if having a week off is working well for me. I’ve baked everyday so far, except yesterday because I was out, and not that I’m complaining but it’s like a little cake bakery here, there’s been cakes around all week.
Today I made another batch of Oreo Cupcakes and I also made some Coconut Cupcakes. OMG they are Devine. I don’t normally eat them, I get everyone else to taste them for me but these looked so moist I couldn’t resist. Normally I would just use desiccated coconut but this time I put coconut milk in as well. Usually I would use full fat milk if my mixture looks a little thick but I thought I’d give this a go and yup it’s ok.


I put it in the buttercream as well but I don’t think you can taste it; maybe I could have put more in but then I guess it would have made my buttercream too runny.
I did something else a little different I covered the cake in buttercream first, scraping the excess off with a knife. I then did a little swirl and sprinkled some desiccated coconut on the top.

These Cupcakes are off over my Mum and Dad in Laws. Hope Len enjoys them as he specifically asked for Coconut cakes this time!



Wednesday afternoon, Awesome!

Had a fab little jaunt yesterday afternoon.  As I’d previously mentioned my mum had an eye appointment in the hospital yesterday morning so it was an early start for us.  All well and good and another appointment booked for six weeks time.  Must say hospital coffee leaves a lot to be desired for, paper cup and it looked more on the watery side, but it wet the pallet and kept me going till lunch time.

My afternoon, however was a total surprise.  A lush little run (not on foot but in the car I hasten to add) down to PorthKerry Country Park in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Tea and a Toasted Teacake for me whilst the hubby had a Rasberry and White Chocolate muffin (gonna try this in the cupcake trials).

Can you see that little path in my pic??? Well we went for a stroll down there to the sea, not a big walk just maybe a quarter of a mile if that, it was a bit nippy but the sun was shining and thats all that mattered.  I wasn’t best dressed for a walk, my best Fly summer shoes adorning my feet but they’re comfy and sort of flat in a wedge like way! Anyway, at the bottom, just before the pebbles there were some steps going up, so yes you’ve guessed it up we went.  I thought my legs were going to drop off, talk about steep and going on forever!!! When at the top there was a lush dirt path and an amazing view; well worth the achy leg syndrome.


Now the funny bit starts, do we re-route and go back the way we came, keep going forward and end up…PASS, or go down through the trees…yup, you guessed it, the trees won.  It wasn’t so bad, slight gradient, side ways walking for me, but we made it without me once falling and ending on my butt!

Total result,  back to the safety of ground level

Cheesy selfie grins

Never fail…the day was still young and our legs hadn’t been stretched too much so off for another little run across Cardiff to Roath Park.  Another chance for a cuppa, good strong and black this time, Coffee just as we like it!

Took a pic of the lighthouse there, so pretty!


Awesome afternoon! I sometimes forget how much I love walking and the outdoors…all that fresh air sent me to bed for an early night and I slept like a baby 😃

By the way my pics were via my phone because in true form I’d forgot my camera….

Note to self.....
take camera when going out and not in work!!!

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